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Over the last 17 years Pick n Pay Namibia, has established a reputation as an exceptional retailer as we continue our quest to provide Namibians with innovation and a world-class shopping experience.
Pick n Pay Namibia has a proud Namibian history. When the Model Supermarkets franchise agreement with Woolworths came to an end in 1997, a new agreement was entered into with Pick n Pay and the first store was opened. Although the Pick n Pay franchise originates from South Africa, Pick n Pay is a fully Namibian owned company that forms part of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group of Companies – Namibia’s largest private company outside the mining sector -which also has a strong Namibian legacy.
We are committed to supporting local and fostering local pride by creating a world-class reputation for Namibian services and locally produced products and in so doing making a positive impact on the Namibian economy. In addition, Pick n Pay Namibia currently employs 1644 staff across the country. As a responsible corporate citizen, we also focus on long term results by facilitating sustainable growth to contribute to the economy as well as being mindful of the impact our operations have on the environment.
As a proudly Namibian company we are committed to the development of our country and continuously strive to make a positive contribution in the communities where we operate in order to bring the O&L Group of Companies’ purpose “Creating a future, Enhancing life” to life. As such, Pick n Pay Namibia supports various social upliftment initiatives; especially projects which focus on education because we believe education is the key to a better future.
Since our flagship store was opened in 1997 at the Wernhil Park Shopping center we have continued to grow our presence to expand our world-class service to the whole country. Currently there are 18 established stores and our expansion plan is in full swing. Our stores are regularly upgraded with the latest retail specifications to ensure that we maintain the standard of excellence which our valued customers deserve. Additionally, as part of our commitment to remain the retailer of choice, we are constantly growing our product range to offer consumers a wider variety of quality products at the best prices.

Pick n Pay – Always there for you.

Pick n Pay Namibia Customer Care
5 von Braun Street
Southern Industrial
P.O. Box 2200

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